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The Members Circle is new and we're adding more features every week. Share your thoughts to make this community space even better!
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Learning Content

Courses, case studies, interviews, videos, blogs, perspectives with new content each month. 

Spotlight Discussions

Showcasing what's happening in CSC around the world. Hear from a guest speaker. Includes pre-read and recap.

Pulse and Current Trends

We scan the news and academic journals for mentions of circular supply chains and summarize them for you.

CSCN Party

Bring your best knowledge on current events, connect with others, see if you can win the quiz! 

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Frequently asked questions

What is the CSCN Members Circle?

The Members Circle is a place just for CSCN members! CSCN members tell us they want to learn, connect, and take action. So, we're building a space for this to happen. We're still building, so you'll see changes each week.

Here's the idea: your learning content includes short courses, case studies, and interviews with emerging leaders in circular supply chains. Your events include webinars, global roundtables, and a party!! As we all learn more about what it means to be a circular supply chain, we can collective decide how we can best take action, together. (plus... "circle"... get it??) 

What type of learning content will be available?

There will be short courses. These are designed to be bite-sized so you can learn on your own schedule - when you have a few minutes, or many minutes. The content is cutting-edge and reflects that in this network, we are all pioneers of the circular supply chain.

We also explore case studies, and feature emerging leaders in circular supply chains around the world. You'll see new content every month as our community and industry grows and finds new ideas to develop. 
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