Building a Circular Supply Chain

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Shining a spotlight on circular supply chains


Creating shared understanding


Anticipating challenges in the transition 
"Circular supply chains offer a strategy and toolset to teams looking for new ways to improve the reliability of supply."
White paper foreword by CSCN Founder 

For every supply chain leader looking for innovation.

Accelerate your own circular supply chain progress. 


Supply chain leaders are critical players in the circular economy transition because of materials, working capital and systems influence.


A circular supply chain offers leaders new ways to look at processes, partnerships, networks, and technology. 


Be prepared for the road ahead and learn from leaders who are working to overcome challenges in their transitions.

Supply Chain Spotlights 

See a few of the many supply chain highlights from the interviews that contributed to the creation of this white paper and the frameworks.
Rheaply enables organisations to make the most of assets that would otherwise remain idle. A current Rheaply customer has the potential to experience a 3-5 million USD spend avoidance through reusing their existing, idle furniture.
The expected outcomes of HP's actions range from improved company culture with a greater sense of purpose and belonging to increased employee engagement or an enhanced ability to attract and retain diverse talent within supply chain functions.
Volvo Cars is leveraging the circular economy to achieve their climate ambitions. In 2022, the car manufacturer was able to save over 4,800 tonnes of CO2 by remanufacturing over 33,000 parts.
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Showcasing Standards

Going further, together

The Circular Supply Chain Network is a proud contributor to SCOR DS from the Assocation of Supply Chain Management, featuring a new standard called OE13 which is focused on circular supply chain management. Standards are critical for us to work with our stakeholders and partners to leverage the shared meaning of terms. 

In 2024, we will gather in working groups dedicated to tackling one part of circular supply chains. Join us!

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