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CSC Hackathon Prep Learning

While preparing for the hackathon, please complete this five module course prior to October 21st so you are more familiar with relevant concepts and companies we will be introducing.

About the course

Here you will dive into circular supply chains, persistent IDs, and meet the companies behind the challenge so you've got the latest.

Circular Supply Chains

Learn how circular supply chains are different from linear ones and why they are so important.

Persistent IDs

Get familiar with barcode standards and asset tracking technology 

Real World Problems

Supported by Rheaply and GS1 US, the circular supply chain problem presented during the hackathon is real-world! 

Hackathon Prep 

About Us
Circular Supply Chain Network

The Circular Supply Chain Network is a global community of circular supply chain geeks, passionate about accelerating the transition to circular operations. 
We educate, connect and innovate for circular supply chains that are good for the environment, society, business and innovation.
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