Systems Change for CSC 

Thursday, June 24

  • 7am Seattle
  • 4pm Berlin
  • 7:30pm Bangalore
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Event Overview
Global Problem-Solving Roundtables are we solve a real-world problem presented by a CSC leader - and delve into the world of circular supply chains, together.

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problem solving topic
This problem highlights that the transition to circular supply chains does not only depend on new business models, but instead requires a more fundamental system change.

Based on the example of product-as-a-service business models, we will discuss three elements:

• New business models are not a guarantee for supply chain circularity;
• It is still unclear how rebound effects can be overcome;
• There is a need for a deep political, economic, and cultural reform.

Problem-solving: what are your recommendations to CEOs and policy-makers to achieve system change for circular supply chains?

Joining us as our circular supply chain leader is Carl Kühl.

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Hear from the Community 

Circular operations are happening today and we use this change show amplify these actions.

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You can expect to meet supply chain pros from all over the world - and explore these topics, together.
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