What is a circular supply chain?

Thurs/ Fri April 15/ 16

  • 1pm Seattle (April 15)
  • 4pm NYC (April 15)
  • 7am Sydney (April 16)
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Help solve a real problem! What is a circular supply chain, anyways?

We realized the other day – get this – we actually haven’t put a definition out in the world. Well, this is embarrassing. So these last few weeks, we’ve brainstormed as a team and now we welcome you to join the discussion.

The goal by the end of this discussion is we’ve actually come to a good definition for a circular supply chain – at least for now!

Leading this discussion is CSCN Founder Deborah Dull and Project Manager Jalen Thibou.

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Hear from the Community 

Circular operations are happening today and we use this change show amplify these actions.

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You can expect to meet supply chain pros from all over the world - and explore these topics, together.
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